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1) How do I register on the forum?

Click on registration. enter details as requested on screen. use a valid email address. account will be activated immediately without you needing to recieve an email.

2) How do I access the chatroom?

a) Either use the java doorway provided at the following sites

b) To use either PIRCH or mIRC log into and choose to /join #adultchat

3) Can I make suggestions for the site \ room - if so where?

We encourage people to make suggestions for improvements to the site. Where possible please include a link to a site where we can see your suggestion implemented on another site. Please either leave your suggestions in the appropriate section of the forum at:-

Adultchat Suggestions Section

4) How do I register a nickname for the chatroom?

To register your nickname follow these simple steps.

a) Ensure your nickname is the one you wish to register. if it is not enter the command
/nick (then replace with nickname you wish)

b) Once your nickname is correct enter the following command to register that nickname
/ns register ( password you wish to use) - make sure you remember the password.

5) What should I do if I have a problem?

If you have problems whilst in the room please contact a moderator or owner who is present, or report them in the bug reporting section of the forum or via pm.

6) Who are the room bots?

The bots in the room are Aki & BoiToy. these are there to log the room and to moderate in extreme circumstances. Only room owners have access to the logs produced by the bots.

7) What basic commands am I likely to need??

/nick (name you wish to use)
use if you wish to change to a different nickname

/ns register (password you wish to set for your nickname)
use when you wish to register the nickname you want to use all the time

/ns identify ( password you set)
use when you wish to identify yourself

!seen (nickname you wish to check)
This will tell you when the nickname was last used in the room and will tell the person using it that they have been looked for when they next visit the room

8) If my query isn't addressed above, who should I contact?

The admins on the entire community are Tsunami, Naraku & Sukki. If you have any problems please contact them via their email addresses, for example [email protected]

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